House Rules

House Rules serve to regulate activities as well as the use of the facilities and common areas of Emerald East. As such, they should be viewed not as restrictions but as a means of promoting harmonious living within the estate.

Some residents may disagree with certain House Rules, but it should be appreciated that the House Rules are formulated for the common good. However, to meet the changes in the owner's requirements, the House Rules can be revised as necessary at any Annual General Meeting, if such changes have a majority support and provided they meet the requirements of the Land Titles (Strata) Act.

Your co-operation in observing the rules and regulations set in the following pages will help to make the estate a more congenial place to live.

The House Rules have a legally binding effect on all owners, residents and visitors.


Section 1 - Condominium Living


  1. These Rules may be referred to as the HOUSE RULES of EMERALD EAST and are to be read in conjunction with the By-Laws laid out in the First Schedule of the Land Titles (Strata) Act, Ch 158
  2. In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires
    1. “Owner” means a person or persons holding legal title to a housing unit
    2. “Resident” means the occupier of the lot which definition shall where appropriate include an owner or any other person authorized by such owner to occupy the lot as a tenant or lessee thereof and shall include the members of the family of such occupier, provided always that this term “members of the family” shall not include guests, servants or agents of the occupier.
    3. “Guests” means a person other than a resident who is on the premises at the invitation of a resident.
    4. “Estate” means the housing units and the common areas of EMERALD EAST.
    5. “Common Areas” means all the areas in the Estate with the exception of the housing units.
    6. “The Management” means the Management Council and the authorized representatives who are responsible for the Management of the Estate.