Management Office and Staff

Emerald East Management Corporation (MSTC-2578) has engaged a managing agent to be responsible for the day to day management and maintenance of the condominium.

The duties of the managing agent are primarily to manage and maintain the "common property" within Emerald East. Professional staff and contractors have been engaged in order to provide a high standard of management and service to the condominium. Condominum staff (cleaners, security, etc) must not be used by any resident for any private business, nor receive any instructions from any person other than management to ensure they are able to effectly complete their duties.

The estate managing agent should be able to answer your queries and to provide prompt and efficient service. Please use one of the contact methods below if you have any suggestions, requests or issues.

Contacting the managing agent

Suggestions, questions or issues can be raised with the managing agent using the methods outlined below. The preferred method of contact is via the service request feature in this web site to ensure that the request is effectively tracked.

Service Request

Click on the following link to enter a service request (Service Request). Service requests entered through the site are able to be tracked to completion by both the managing agent and council members. You will also be able to track the progress of your request if you have an active account. You can register for an account here.

Estate Representitive

The managing agent representitive is listed below should you need to contact management urgently. If you want to ensure that your request is also tracked then please also add it as a service request.

Office contact address and phone

A management mailbox is available in the basement which is cleared weekly by the managing agent. Alternatively, you can use the contact details below

MCST 2578 c/ Wisely 98 Pte Ltd
200 Jalan Sultan
#11-01 Textile Centre
Singapore, 199018
Tel : (+65) 62915355
Fax : (+65) 62915655